Tony: Wait And See

There is no further news regarding West Ham's appointment of a new manager - but Tony Gale is keeping an eye on proceedings with interest.

Commenting on the rumours, and giving of course a purely personal opinion, he says:

"Alan Pardew's name is apparently in the frame along with Paul Hart - both meet the criteria of first division experience.

"Both of them are good men; Alan is a good lad and Paul has done quite a lot for Nottingham Forest with no money at all.

"Everyone will remember him from the Leeds academy as well and the work he did there.

"Both are good men and, although I did favour an ex-West Ham person coming in, I don't think they would disappoint -so we will just have to wait and see."

Meanwhile, Trevor Brooking, who has of course ruled himself out of taking the job, says that the loan market - which the new manager will be looking to exploit - should now favour the Hammers now that the transfer window in the top flight is closed.

"Premiership clubs know now that they can't buy anyone until the end of the year, and even more important for us is that they can't loan out other players to Premiership clubs which has been a new introduction this year," he says.

"So we have missed out on possibilities like Jermaine Pennant and Carlton Cole because they have gone to Premiership clubs.

"Those clubs are more likely to be able to pay the full wages of that player whereas Nationwide clubs can't and you get an arrangement where you the Premiership club is happy to still pay part of the wage.

"We are only going to get that look-in now the window has closed."