Dj's Solid Performance

Tony Gale insists that David James had a good performance against Macedonia on Saturday evening in Skopje.

Although the Macedonian goal which gave the home side the lead came off his leg, in a match that England turned around into a 2-1 victory, Tony says:

"He had a good game, to be honest; he had little chance with the goal, it was just that he tried to spread himself and, in diving for the ball, left his legs out.

"He dragged ball into the goal as a result; he couldn't be blamed and he can get a lot of confidence from the game.

"If you look at the game I think we were rather defensive the way we played - and it had to change in the second half."

Tony' assessment of Joe Cole's non-appearance is one of disappointment, and he says:

"If Joe was to play he had to play from the beginning; but unfortunately it is the manager it is down to and Joe didn't get a game.

"It is going to be difficult for him because he is not even getting a first team game at Chelsea."

As for another former Hammer, Frank Lampard, who was taken off at half time, he says:

"It is nothing to do with him; you can't blame Frank because the system is clearly not suited.

"It had to change and he didn't benefit, but it is nothing to do with the way we played doesn't suit the players."

The match was David's eight consecutive game for England.