Rufus: It's Trevor For Me

Rufus Brevett insists that Trevor Brooking is the man for the West Ham manager's position.

"He is West Ham and I think when you look at what he has done and the reaction he has had when he has come in I feel he is the obvious name for the job," he says.

"All the players think so but it is just about changing his mind because he doesn't want to do it.

"But if he does change his mind I think he is the best appointment West Ham could make.

"I spoke to him after the meeting when he first took charge and I thought he should take it, basically.

"He was um-ing and ah-ing and whatever but I think he should just go for it and take it from there because I think he is the man.

"I am certainly not saying the players didn't want to play for Glenn, but if you look at Trevor he is a massive figure in the game, a big name.

"It is just like when I played under Kevin Keegan, you just looked at him and thought you wanted to play for him.

"He just has that aura about him and you listen to every little word he says because he has done everything in the game.

"He gets his point across; people think he is all nice but after the Bradford game he had a few words with a couple of players and there is another side to Trevor - a side that wants to win at all costs.

"The public don't always see that; he is a quality person and if you look at him you think he is quietly spoken but he can give out rollockings as well.

"He just goes for it with the three up front; the Bradford game is a good example, and if you take into account the fact that we didn't win a home game until last Christmas it was good that it worked.

"But for systems to work you have got to have the players that are willing to make it work, and I think the players at West Ham saw that playing with three up front, and the work ethic those front players had to get back and help out, could make it happen.

"It is players that make systems work; Trevor has set the format that he wanted to play, and we have to make it work - which is what happened against Ipswich and Bradford.

"I honestly don't know what will happen but you look at so many different names in the hat and the papers put a different name in every day - but the only name for me is Trevor.

"It is a massive appointment and one the club knows it has to get right - I think if they do things can only get brighter."

Rufus says he has overcome the psychological blow of relegation, adding:

"I knew what was at stake when I joined West Ham and I knew that if the worst was to happen we could play in the first division - and do well in it and go up rather than struggle.

"If we do go up we want to go up as champions - I think that is the only way.

"We needed to get a good start and it hasn't been too bad considering everything that has gone on at the club; I think it has been quite good and we just have to take it on from there."

As for the departure of Glenn Roeder, he says:

"I had a very nice phone call from him about a week ago; it is always sad when a manager loses his job and as players we should all feel responsible because it was the players that were there, including myself, that put the club in the first division.

"There is not much that Glenn Roeder could have done because he was one of the hardest working managers I have ever played for and it is, as I say, the players that have to take the responsibility.

"When it did happen I thought I would give it a week or two before I got in touch with him, but I thought it was really nice that he went out of his way to give me a call, we had a really good chat, and I feel a lot better about it.

"He was encouraging and more worried about me - but I was more worried about him; he is fine and I think I just needed to know that he was bearing up okay.

"He will definitely bounce back and I think he will bounce back stronger."

Rufus is currently recovering from an ankle injury and he says:

"It is not bad and I am not really in that much pain; it is just that I have a pot on my foot which isn't the best and I am trying to keep my spirits up.

"It is difficult, as is any injury, especially after the second game of the season - it is hard but as you get older you tend to put things in perspective."

Nonetheless, he is perplexed by how it happened, and explains:

"It was nothing; you would understand if it was a bad tackle or something like that but it wasn't; I just went to turn and it was one of those freak accidents and there is nothing anyone can do about it."

Although the diagnosis is that he could be out for up to five months, he is reluctant to set a definitive comeback date and adds:

"I haven't set any targets because if you set them and don't make them you get a bit down - I just want to see what it is like when I come out of the plaster and take it from there.

"I worked extremely hard in preseason and when I do come back I will have to do another one, which is not the best situation.

"What you don't want to do is pick up injuries in preseason but I have picked one up just after and I must say I am a bit gutted."

West Ham are actively seeking a replacement left back but Rufus adds:

"Kevin Horlock has played well in there, Christian Dailly can as well, and there are others that can sit in and do a good job."