Don Encouraged

Don Hutchison says the players can take heart from the performance at Tottenham in midweek - even though it ended in defeat.

"I don't mind being exhausted but I was disappointed on Wednesday because I thought we deserved something; we played really well, created some chances, and their keeper got man of the match which tells a story.

"As we were the away side I don't think the boss could ask any more.

"It was great, even coming up to the ground, to see Tottenham again and it has given us a taster.

"We performed on the night as we know we can do and we just have to scrap our way out of this league because we know we will hold our own in the top league.

"I am definitely missing it and I think that is why we performed so well - we were at a proper ground.

"We just have to keep working to get out and then we will be back at Tottenham next year.

"I thought we were really unlucky; if it was a league game we'd have been coming away thinking 'it was a good point but it could have been three'.

"If we play like that every single Saturday we will win more games than we lose."

* Tuesday's reserve fixture against Wimbledon has been switched to Upton Park, as has the reserve game with Tottenham now on Wednesday, 26th November.