Alan Looks Ahead

Alan Pardew is hoping it is third time lucky as he seeks his first win as West Ham manager on Wednesday following two draws.

And he insists that the fact that Glen Hoddle and John Gorman are no longer at Spurs is NOT a consideration.

Referring to coverage of the build-up to the game, and one sugeestion that it is a 'revenge mission', he says:

"I have been surprised about the way my comments have been portrayed in the press but that is a lesson I must learn for the future.

"I was simply asked a question about Glen and John Gorman who are friends; the fact is, I desperately want to win for West Ham and the supporters - and that is my sole motivation.

"There will be a noticeable difference between the West Ham side which last played against them and the West Ham which is playing them now.

"That is the fallout from relegation - but they won't treat us as small fry.

"It is a chance for us to show we're a good unit with a good spirit and we'll give it our best shot.

"When a new manager comes in, they are trusting in his abilities and it's nice to get a win to secure his vision, and that will be important for me."

Alan is delighted that Kevin Horlock is back from injury, and adds:

"This is really the hectic part of the season until you get to Christmas and then the end - there are two or three periods like this.

"This is our fifth or sixth game of two a week and it is starting to take its toll; you know it starts to pull on your squad and we haven't got a big squad.

"But luckily we had the additions of Stockdale and Mullins and without that we would have been in real trouble - and Kevin is back which is a massive bonus for us."