Rob: A New Era

Rob Lee says he has enjoyed working with Trevor Brooking - and is now ready for a new era under Alan Pardew.

"I have always loved Trevor; he is a legend at the club as everyone knows and a very nice bloke - I got on very well with him," he says.

"I have enjoyed it immensely but I am sure we will still see him around the club.

"Alan came in on Saturday and shook everybody by the hand, but kept very low profile; obviously, though, I know Alan from having played with him before so it is good to be working with him.

"His teams will be how he played; he was a hard worker and he used to get in the box and score goals, and I think he will want his players to work hard.

"But there is not too much wrong with the team; in my opinion we have got the best players in the division and there is no other team I would want to be in.

"The thing we have got to do is stop the silly mistakes and I am sure Alan will be able to rectify that.

"But at my age I am ready for anything and I have said all along I would enjoy myself at West Ham; whoever is the manager it is fine by me, I am just getting on with what I have always wanted to do.

"His record is second to none, especially in this division; he turned a club that was going nowhere, Reading, into one on the verge of the Premiership so I am sure if he can do that at West Ham although it is a slightly bigger scale that his principles are exactly the same.

"If he can get West Ham back in the Premiership and doing well there I am sure all West Ham fans will be delighted.

"It is important we get back up as soon as we can and Alan is his own man."

Looking back on Trevor's last game in charge, against Burnley, he adds:

"It was frustrating and we created so many chances we should have been four or five goals up - and I don't think anyone could have complained if we had.

"The chances fell to the people we wanted them to, David Connolly and Jermain Defoe, and we had none of the ricochets.

"I don't think we played particularly badly but we needed that second goal as we have done in recent games.

"It is frustrating and if you didn't laugh about it you would cry; you get chance after chance after chance and they get a goal from just one mistake.

"It was against the run of play and you find yourself going in at 1-1 and it was the same story in the second half; we have penned them in for long periods and the only time they troubled us was when they broke away and to be fair they did that very well but again it was a mistake that led to the goal.

"We had seven or eight glorious chances and in the end we could have lost the game.

"Norwich was a similar sort of game, but if we weren't creating chances I would be more worried than I am now.

"Connors and J won't have another game like that where they miss that many."