Trio Doubtful

There are doubts over Michael Carrick, Kevin Horlock, and Ian Pearce going in to the game against Norwich.

All three face late fitness tests, and Trevor Brooking explains:

"I think Michael's toe is settling down so we hope he will be okay; there is a little bit of a jarred knee for Kevin Horlock, and also Ian Pearce actually, so we will wait and see.

"But I am hoping that everyone surfaces and are able to play because naturally you don't want any more than the front two out.

"I think that is where we just need that little bit of extra depth, particularly if you have got suspensions now at the same time."

Trevor admits that the size of the squad is a concern, and adds:

"We are going into a little flurry of games with Norwich, Burnley, and Forest on the following Wednesday at home, then the three away games, Saturday at Cardiff, Spurs midweek, and Coventry away the following weekend.

"So we have now got, in the best part of two and a half weeks, six games.

"We have got two suspensions for the first game and it is Kevin Horlock on Saturday.

"We don't want to pick up injuries which you haven't got a lot of time to recover from.

"It is a difficult enough half a dozen games with 15 points up for grabs where we want to emerge with a good number of those plus the cup game with Spurs.

"We want to be selecting near enough the best squad going into those rather than picking up injuries and testing the thinness of the squad."

With 19 men named for Norwich...

SQUAD: James, Bywater, Lee, Repka, Dailly, Pearce, Hutchison, Kilgallon, Carrick, Horlock, Alexandersson, Etherington, Mellor, Quinn, Sofiane, Ferdinand, Garcia, Byrne, McMahon.