Decisions, Decisions

Paul Goddard hopes that whoever plays up front against Norwich makes the right decisions as to whether to pass or shoot - but knows from experience they are made "in split seconds."

With David Connolly and Jermain Defoe both suspended, it will be any two - or three - from Neil Mellor, Don Hutchison and Richard Garcia up front against Norwich, and Paul knows that while talent is one thing, their decision will be just as important as whoever is involved adjusts to a new partnership.

"They are decisions in split seconds; I have played with plenty of strikers over the years," says Paul.

"I started with Clive Allen at QPR, a goal scorer inside the box, and I can remember many many times not getting a pass off him.

"I played with Tony Cottee who was exactly the same as him in the box, and you have to give these players leeway; they come alive in the box, they wriggle and they shoot, but there are parameters to everything and if you are a real good player you have to pass the ball at the right time."

Referring to the last home game, against Crystal Palace, and the attendant coverage of Neil Mellor not supplying a pass to David Connolly but instead going for goal, Paul says:

"They are obviously jumping on a bit of a bandwagon but I have had conversations with Neil and David Connolly after the game, and I have got to say if I had been on the pitch I would have been a very angry player when Neil didn't pull the opportunity back to tap in just before he got his goal.

"We did score with the next attack and I am sure David was still feeling very bitter he didn't get the pass.

"Afterwards, I know for a fact that he was pleased for Neil that he has got off the mark - but at that moment he still felt that Neil should have squared the pass.

"That is football and we have to get on and learn; we have shown Neil the video and he is aware of the situation.

"That could well have been our one chance of the game and we would have been very disappointed if not squaring it would have led to losing points.

"Hopefully, if we get the opportunity again, he will see David or anyone and there will be a tap-in to the back of the net.

"There was never really a problem - only of David showing his annoyance at that particular moment - but I can guarantee that there was no problem after that.

"David was more than pleased that David has got off the mark and we have got the win."

Paul has run the rule over Norwich on more than one occasion this season, and he says of Wednesday's opposition:

"They are a good side and it will be a tough game."