Wayne Stays

Wayne Quinn will now stay at Upton Park until the summer - when his contract at Newcastle runs out.

Trevor Brooking confirms:

"Wayne has now been extended and that should go now for the rest of the season."

Of course, Rufus Brevett will be back later this year to contest the left back berth with Wayne, but Trevor adds:

"He can play left side of midfield as well if needed so that one is sorted now.

"We had to make some decision on Wayne because his loan finished at the weekend.

"Newcastle didn't want to extend it any further so it was a case of whether we took him for the season or sent him back, and if we had done that we would have had to have got someone else in.

"The fact is, we think he has done fine; we have to work on that defensive side, he knows that, but he is improving on that I think as each game goes by."

If Wayne impresses there is the option, as he will be a free agent this summer, of signing him 'permanently'.

"He has a good incentive now because he is in the last year of his contract with Newcastle, so it is up to him to show his worth in the weeks ahead," says Trevor.

"I think again it is an opportunity to judge him over a longer period and at least Alan can then see him during training and in matches.

"That is why we would have liked the initial extension because naturally Alan hadn't seen him at first hand.

"But in the seven games we have won five that he has been involved in.

"In attacking areas he is contributing because he has got good delivery with his left foot - and he has just got to keep that level of performance up now."

Niclas Alexandersson's loan may or not be extended as well.

"Niclas finishes on Sunday so there are two home games to look at him still," explains Trevor.

"And hopefully he is getting fitter as each game goes by, so we can judge him accordingly at the end of the week."