Dj's Good Game

Tony Gale says he was pleased with David James' performance in Istanbul for England at the weekend.

Assessing another clean sheet for Jamo, he says:

"I think he had a good game, he was thoroughly talkative throughout the match and he has now established himself as England's number one, hasn't he?"

West Ham's defence is the meanest in the division, of course, and Tony says:

"It is not only Jamo but we are talking about a back four who came under a lot of criticism last year - and rightfully so because they defended poorly - but in this division they are looking one of the better defences.

"I think the secret to it is that three of the boys, Pearce, Dailly, and Repka, have played in nearly all the games.

"Now it is back to business for everyone with the last two games for Trevor and we just have to get on with the fixtures.

"The first one against Norwich is going to be particularly tough without Jermain and David Connolly but we have got to find a way of getting results out of games like this when sometimes our better players are missing."

As for his thoughts on the Rio Ferdinand saga, he adds:

"You have to say it is his own fault; if you miss a drugs test, unfortunately you have got to pay the consequences.

"It is hard to believe a player that has been told on the training pitch he is going to have a drugs test after training forgets and walks away.

"It is just as hard to understand how the club didn't pull him back immediately as well - but let's hope it was all a big mistake on his part and he doesn't suffer too much for it."