Storm In A Teacup

Trevor Brooking says there is no problem with David Connolly and Neil Mellor - insisting that the pair have had a smile about Wednesday night.

Some reports had pointed out that David didn't celebrate Neil's opening goal because seconds earlier he should have passed to David rather than shoot himself, and Trevor admits:

"We had a very funny little video replay in training the morning after the game because Neil's goal was a minute after he should have squared it to Conners - and there is no doubt he should have done.

"Conners is right alongside, and you see him turn away as he did when Neil scored, so the lads had a lot of fun looking at the replay, Conners was laughing as well - it really is a good spirit among the lads.

"The first question I have had at the last post-match press conferences has been about Conners and Jermain - now it is Neil and Conners!

"It is all good banter which helps the spirit; of course they want to score goals, and anyone who knows Neil knows how popular he is because he is a genuine hardworking lad who is happy to go along with anything.

"He has been diligent without getting the goals, so for him to get two on Wednesday meant that everyone was delighted - Conners was as pleased as anyone.

"But at 0-0 if we hadn't scored it would have been costly, and what we want to do is make sure that in every situation everyone chooses the right option and whether it be Neil not squaring it, Jermain not squaring it, Conners...or a midfielder or full back, you have to get into good habits."

One newspaper has even called it a 'bizarre rift' but Trevor counters:

"To suggest a rift is quite amusing really, though it all adds to the excitement I suppose.

"But the lads are very chirpy; Conners is a quality striker who played well without scoring on Wednesday, he has settled in quickly, the fans like him, and he wants to be a winner - as do we all."

David has been named in the Republic Of Ireland squad for the Euro 2004 qualifier with Switzerland in Basle on October 11th, while Christian Dailly has been named in the Scotland squad for next week's international game against Lithuania at Hampden Park on the same day.