The Search Continues...

Alan Pardew admits he is "desperate" for his first win as manager of West Ham.

"I don't really want to stand there making excuses and defending myself verbally; I want to defend myself with performances and results, and they are not coming as I want," he says candidly.

"That is what I am desperate for and I believe that the harder you work the luckier you get - so I have been hard on it and we will make sure we do our assessments correctly for Wigan.

"It is down to me to prepare the players and the players ultimately have to get it right."

Alan's managerial record prior to coming to West Ham shows a high points to games ratio, and he adds:

"My record was right up there with the best and I want to stay with that; it is where I want to be and where I want West Ham to be.

"As yet it hasn't got going and although we aren't losing games I think we could easily have lost some of these games as well as won them.

"The big negative is that we haven't got these victories but the positive is that no one has got away, so we are lucky in that respect that we are still in it because automatic promotion could have got away from us now.

"Certainly if it was last year and we were chasing Portsmouth and Leicester it would have been so we are still in there and a couple of wins can change the face of everything - and we are determined to get them quickly.

"I believe that we are probably one of the few teams that can get a string of results, but we just haven't got going for whatever reason.

"With the amount of points we have got to make up it is doubtful if we can run away with it now, so it is going to be nip and tuck right to the end and we will be there with the contenders.

"But certainly when things get a bit edgy towards the end we are going to have a little bit more quality than the others and hopefully the experienced players will see us through."

It is only Alan's third home game in charge after five away trips from the seven games he has overseen, and he adds:

"It is 'kids for a quid' and they will make a special atmosphere for us and make it very positive.

"The fans have been fantastic, being patient and waiting for my first win; although there were a few murmurings on Tuesday I really appreciated their support.

"You couldn't say they have added any pressure to us and they voiced their feelings at the end of the game on Tuesday because they want to win - and so do we.

"In the dressing room you would have thought we'd been beaten 4-0 - it was that sort of reaction from the players who were extremely disappointed.

"The players are as desperate to win as the fans and, although it is a horrible word to use, we have to accept that we are chasing that win and we can't get ragged and be unprofessional in trying to get it.

"We have just got to hope it is going to come from some good play or a little bit of luck - which I think we are due.

"The big issue on the night was, for me, the reaction to the goal, soft though it was.

"It should have been a case of 'okay, that is done and dusted, let's get on with it' but we didn't really react like that and it is a worry and something we have to be on our guard against because a similar thing happened against West Brom.

"Particularly when you haven't won the fear of losing becomes a strong pull and that is what we have to address."