Chairman Backs Mooro

Chairman Terence Brown hopes that there will be a late surge of votes for Bobby Moore in the F.A.'s poll to find the greatest England player of the last 50 years - and he is hoping that, on this issue at least, all West Ham United fans will agree with him!

UEFA are celebrating their 50th Jubilee next year and, as part of the celebrations, they are asking all 52 Member Associations to nominate one of its own footballers as its single most outstanding player of the past 50 years.

The player chosen must have played for the national team at some time between 1954 and the present.

The 52 players chosen will be 'presented' at UEFA's headquarters in Switzerland and the F.A. have given England fans a 'free' vote on the matter - the poll for which closes at noon on Friday.

The Bolton Evening News and Bolton Wanderers' official web site have been running a campaign to encourage their readers to vote for Nat Lofthouse, who is their honorary life president, and as a result he is currently ahead of Bobby in the poll.

The voting patterns would suggest, although no one that meets the criteria is excluded, that the winner will be one of the two - with Bobby currently some hundred votes behind.

Terence is hoping, though, that West Ham's favourite son will clinch it thanks to a late surge and he says:

"West Ham United has a proud tradition of supplying England players going right back to our first ever England international, George Webb, who made his debut for us in 1909, and, as such, is not eligible for this poll!

"There are of course, many strong claimants to the title from outside Upton Park - and, perhaps, one or two others from within it over the years - but I think that even without my supporter's hat on, Bobby Moore has to be the choice.

"Greatness comes not just from ability, but from personality and Bobby, whom I was privileged to meet, had both in abundance.

"He was an ambassador all over the world, not just for West Ham United, but for his country, and the fact that he earned a record number of caps for an outfield player is testament to his dedication and consistency.

"I can understand the claims from those, particularly in the Bolton area, for giving the award to Nat Lofthouse but I think most neutrals, as well as supporters of our club, would go for Bobby.

"May the best man win!"

You can cast your vote, by noon on Friday, at:

[email protected]

and the vote will be announced on Friday afternoon.