Alan: I May Turn To Youth

Alan Pardew says he may have to fast track one or two of the youngsters if things don't go the way he wants them to in the coming games.

And he is also desperate to see Matthew Etherington return to action in order to provide much needed width to the side.

"I have got to be honest - to lose Matthew Etherington was a major blow to us and we have to be careful now because the effect of not having him serves as a warning, because we do lack balance when he is not playing," he says.

"That is something I will have to look at, though we also have young Cohen and maybe I can progress him, because I don't want to keep searching for players and knocking the youngsters back here.

"We have got a great record with the academy players and young Mark Noble and Chris Cohen look like they could progress in the squad - I will be looking to accelerate them if results continue as they are.

"If we fall short with the experienced players we will stick a few youngsters in and push on for the future."

As for the current situation, and reflective thoughts on the draw at Wimbledon, Alan adds:

"I look at myself, I look at the training, and I make sure I examine myself thoroughly; I said to the players they need to have a good look at themselves as well because West Ham people expect better - certainly than that last 20 minutes which left a sour taste in the mouth.

"The pressure of me coming in and us not winning a game means that the pressure has built and built and built.

"We have only lost the one league game and with the things I have installed they want the belief that it works and they were reassuring me that they are with me - but I need that reflected on the pitch and the fans need to see that.

"Day to day at the training ground it has been terrific but the bottom line is that I report in for results and if you look at my record that is a significant part of my success.

"I am searching for that first win and perhaps it is weighing on the players but they are big enough and I am big enough to deal with it.

"We are going to have 30,000 against a top team on Saturday and we have to forget that last 20 minutes against Wimbledon, look at the positives, and do the business.

"It was a postage stamp of a pitch with the ball continually going out which doesn't give any room, so it was an ugly game to watch to be honest.

"We got the goal and I thought 'this is it - we are going to kick on from here' but we gave another really bad goal away and that really did rock us.

"Confidence isn't super high at the moment and I wasn't happy with the reaction - and neither are the players with their own reaction to that goal - and we have to learn quickly because the pressure is starting to build on us.

"I am disappointed and I let that be known to them; the fans are disappointed as well, because it was a soft goal, a bit like in the West Brom game when we gave a soft goal away and the reaction wasn't good - which is a worry.

"We have got too good players to have to worry about that and it shouldn't be happening; I am not going to go on about adding players because there are good enough players here to get that first result under my stewardship, and keep calm.

"The last 15 minutes in the game left a bad taste in the mouth, because up until then although it was hard work out there, we were doing okay, and I thought we had done enough to win it.

"But that stained the evening really and their flank players started to cause some problems.

"We did step up a gear in the second half but it is just disappointing when their goal went in.

"I am certainly feeling more pressure at the moment; I want to win a game and the fans are murmuring with discontent towards me and I can understand that because they want to win - it is a case of 'come on, show us' - I am fed up with talking and I want to win."