Carrick On Carrick

Michael Carrick is keeping his fingers crossed for younger brother Graeme to have an extended period without injury as he bids to show what he can do at Upton Park.

In his second game back on Saturday, Graeme scored for the U19s, and Michael is keeping a close eye on his progress.

"He has been out for longer than me and because of the stage he is at in his career it is tough," says Michael.

"I was a bit fortunate that I made it into the first team before I had the problems so I knew it would be easier.

"But at that age it is hard because you don't know where your career is going to start or where it is going to end.

"But you have to battle back and as he scored on Saturday that will give him a boost for the games ahead.

"He is a good enough player but there a lot of good players out there.

"He has got a good attitude to be fair to him and has come back fit and done everything that was asked of him.

"So it is just a matter now of playing games - and impressing the right people."