Richard's Double Whammy

Richard Garcia could have made amends for seeing his country lose to England in the rugby world cup final on Saturday when he raced down the right to fire what would have been the winner against Watford - but seeing his shot flash just wide epitomised the sort of day the Aussie was having.

Richard has the indefatigable spirit of his compatriots and is honest in his assessment of still seeking his first senior goal for West Ham.

"I nearly scored but it is hard coming on late in the game and it is hard getting to grips with the pace and stuff," he says.

"But if I get my chance I want to score - being a striker you should really put your chances away, which I didn't."

As for the matter of the sport with the egg-shaped ball, he adds:

"I did watch the rugby and unfortunately we lost, but it was a good game, and slippery like Saturday at Watford.

"I think a lot of the lads watched it in the morning and it was uplifting for them.

"We started really well and I had some mickey-taking but as soon as we got to the hotel it was a case of concentrating on the game."

Of which, Richard says:

"In the first half we really hurt them but couldn't find the goal; in the second half the pace slowed, the pitch was really boggy, and it was tiring for the boys.

"In the second half the pitch cut up a bit more and the ball wasn't moving around as well but we had a few chances and maybe we could have scored.

"We dug in and got a result but I think we are capable of a lot better; it was a difficult day to play and we had a few injuries so the team was really put together at the last minute and we did really well.

"We are still in there; we keep drawing and drawing but when we get our first I am sure there will be many more to follow.

"The lads were disappointed but you have to look to the next game - this year we have got a good chance of going all the way.

"If we can get a win under our belts and a string of wins who knows what can happen?

"We have got a few games coming up and hopefully we can start winning soon; there is pressure but the way we are taking it is that as soon as we get the win it is a positive step forward.

"If we were losing all these game we would be worried and sometimes the rub of the green isn't going our way as it didn't against West Brom.

"I am not worried about getting adrift; if we get our run going I don't think there will be anything stopping us and I think all the boys are optimistic.

"We are very tight as a group and once we get a couple of wins we will damage this league."