J Still Involved

Alan Pardew says that Jermain Defoe's 'scouting mission' at the weekend to watch Wimbledon was a one-off which should not be misinterpreted.

Jermain went to take a look at Tuesday night's opposition with Roger Cross at the weekend rather than click his heels wistfully watching West Ham at Watford as he began his five match ban.

But Alan insists it is just one way of keeping Jermain involved while he sits out a ban that lasts until mid-December.

"I will clear that one up; he just went scouting on Saturday, he is not going to go scouting every week while he is off.

"There are different things I want him to look at and he is a young, impressionable boy and I want him to learn about the game so we are trying different things with him.

"He took it off his own bat to go and see the kids last week and they really enjoyed that so it was great."

Indeed, Jermain is playing his part in other ways and Alan reveals:

"He had a special training unit this afternoon rather than come in and train with the group so that was good for him.

"He did some technique work with one of the young lads, Greg Pearson, from the youth team which Greg enjoyed - and it is that sort of thing I am looking to do with him, something different.

"I am just thinking of different things for him to keep his mind at ease because he just wants to play, this kid, and people forget that.

"I keep emphasising to him to keep his mind active; he is a young man and he has got some important decisions in front of him so he needs to have a clear mind about what he wants."

Roger has an additional role to his other duties at the club, which is to look at imminent opposition in the game preceding them facing West Ham, and Alan explains:

"I feel that it is important that the person who has seen the opposition play is on the training ground with me and can touch base with me about things I have forgotten or things that need to be mentioned.

"It is easy to get a report, read it, and put it to one side but this way I have got it on hand all the time.

"Roger has taken to the role terrifically and I feel that is going to benefit us, certainly in the long run.

"At the moment we are feeling our way a little bit but you shouldn't lack knowledge of the opposition."