Alan On Dons

Alan Pardew warns that Wimbledon will be no pushover on Tuesday night - despite their position at the bottom of the division.

"They are bottom of the league and they have had some huge blows losing players, particularly last summer.

"They are at a home they have been trying to get to for ages so they are finding their feet a little bit in a new home with a new team and they are obviously struggling for results.

"But one thing they have got is pace in their side and they have got that through the club - as well as power.

"There is one thing you know you are going to get at Wimbledon is endeavour and what they lack in quality they make up for with that.

"We have to match that if we are going to beat them and with the pressure we are under this is a potentially slippery one for us so we have to approach the game in the right way."

Alan is an admirer of Nigel Reo-Coker and adds:

"He is a very good player and one who is going to go to a bigger club at some stage; probably Wimbledon won't be able to stop that.

"I just feel that it is difficult to try and find your way when you are a young team - but if you give them something to hang on to they will do like foxes to keep it.

"What is important is the first goal - we can't afford to give it away because that will give them a leg up.

"It is important we keep it tight and don't get too desperate in terms of going for the win because then you can start having other issues and other problems."

As for injuries, Alan adds:

"I think Matthew will miss these two and Rob Lee is on a week's rest.

"When he was signed by Glenn I was looking to take Rob to Reading as well and we were probably on the same game plan to not play Rob as much as he has been.

"Maybe he is feeling the effects of that now; he was having game after game whereby he was really meant to be coming in and adding quality when we needed it.

"We have used him much more than that and hopefully now he will have a week's rest to get his knee in order and hopefully we can use him a bit more sparingly."

Alan reveals that he tried to sign Rob in the in the close season when he was Reading manager, and says:

"I bumped into him when he was at Derby last year and said 'give us a call' but he never did in the summer - perhaps he doesn't like me.

"But I think it was because he was so desperate to get to West Ham and I think the only route in his mind was to get to here, which I respect, obviously."