Wayne On Watford...and West Brom

Wayne Quinn says that West Ham have to show the qualities that they showed in the early stages of the West Brom game if they are to get back to winning ways.

"We are a squad all together and now we have to bounce back; we are still one of the top teams and if we can go 3-0 up against West Brom, another top team, in less than 30 minutes we are capable of doing it to any team," he says, looking on the positive side.

"There is nothing we can do about that now but the teams that have been scoring goals against us haven't been scoring really good goals."

prior to the match, West Ham had the proudest defensive record and Wayne adds:

"We want to get that defensive record back and we have to bounce back and get on with it; the lads wished we had had a game earlier because if you ask any footballer when they lose they want to come back with a game as soon as possible."

Looking at the overall picture in the first division he adds:

"I think it is tough to call and it is not going to be like last year when Portsmouth ran away with it; it is swings and roundabouts with teams winning then losing.

"We have to be consistent and if we can be we will be up there; the quality is all there and it is a case now of being strong mentally.

"There is no doubt that we have to bounce back and if we do things should be fine, touch wood.

"I think there will be six or seven teams there or thereabouts; we have proved we can score goals and we have proved that we can have a good defensive record."

Wayne is hoping at Watford to erase the memory of the West Brom defeat - the first home reverse of the season - and adds:

"The lads were saying it was the best football we have played for a while at the start and then it was a stupid goal against with a little bit of a mix-up with Jermain and Christian.

"And then they have got their tails up and then a second goal which was good for them, but all the other goals weren't good - and then with J getting sent off we have got our backs against the wall and it made it hard for us.

"We were cruising and then for what it turned into - I have never played in a game like it."

As for the sending off, Wayne adds:

"J said he never touched him so you have to take his word for it - but maybe J was too quick for the ref.

"The lads were gutted afterwards, but at half time we said to dig in; we were playing well and knew they would come at us.

"We defended okay until they got the corner, and it came off Deano for an own goal - and with the fourth Jamo came out and didn't get a proper punch on it.

"Lee Hughes hit it cleanly and Tomas tried to clear but it still went in; they were poor goals to concede even with only 10 men.

"It is back to basics after a hard two weeks; we have reflected on what we did but we can't dwell on it - if we can perform like we did in the first half hour against West Brom there shouldn't be a problem.

"The gaffer wasn't happy, obviously, after the game; he was upset and angry but we all were as we are all in it together.

"We have to stick together and get a result and at least not all the top teams won that weekend so we have to take a little bit out of that.

"One minute we were playing so well and the next we are coming in at 3-2 with a man sent off - and that is why football is such a funny, strange game.

"I have never played in a game like that before and I was gobsmacked and bemused; I had mixed emotions because we started so well - we were so disappointed for ourselves to score three at home and lose."