Hayden's Hope

Hayden Mullins aims to prove that Tony Gale's comment about him and Michael Carrick being the best midfielders in the division is not an inaccurate one.

Tony said here last week that the pair are the best quality in the division and he responds:

"It is a very nice complement from him; now we have to go and prove it."

Hayden says fans had better get used to the fact that a lot of football they see this season will not be pretty, and warns:

"The first division is scrappy and you will find that a lot of games you go to won't be anything like the Premiership because everyone knows they have to get up the league and how big a prize it is at the end.

"Every game you play is going to be a hard game."

Speaking ahead of West Brom, he adds:

"They are a typical first division side who will work hard - and it is not going to be an easy game but as long as we match their work rate we have the quality.

"It seems like we can't get out of this habit at the moment but I wouldn't be surprised if we go on an unbeaten run for four or five weeks.

"It was scrappy, end to end - a typical first division game; it is never easy in this division especially when you are away and there is a lot of hustle and bustle and they try and get around you to make it as difficult as possible for you.

"I was glad to have got my first 90 minutes out of the way because you have to settle in first and we have had some work on the training ground with hs ideas.

"When everyone is on about draws, draws, draws, I just think it will take a scrappy goal or last minute winner and I am sure that will click us so we can go on a four, five, or six game unbeaten run of wins.

"That is all we need; people are emphasising that we do draw a lot of games so I think a win for the boys would help us relax a bit more."

His old club Crystal Palace were beaten 5-0 by Wigan last week, costing the man who sold him, Steve Kember, to lose his job, and Hayden adds:

"I hope they can get out of it.

"As for Wigan, I saw a bit of them on TV before our game against Coventry and they played very well.

"They passed the ball very well and they were moving Palace out of their positions and getting in behind.

"I am sure we can close the gap; six points is two wins if we get them and they lose."