Alan's Aim

Even if West Ham cannot top the table this weekend, Alan Pardew is hoping to crown one achievement come Saturday evening.

If the defence remains steadfast, West Ham will continue to have the best defensive record in the division which, while not being the ultimate aim of the season, is certainly a good platform to build on.

West Brom, like Wigan, have conceded just two more goals than West Ham's 11, while Sunderland have conceded 12 goals.

"Defensively us and West Brom have amongst the best records and to still have the best record on Saturday night, is another goal for us.

"The bottom line is this team hasn't won for six games, we're up against a very good side at home on Saturday and the pressure is on.

"But we must look at the bigger picture; we have lost only two games this year and if we can start picking up wins at home our away form certainly suggests we are good enough to get promoted.

"Everyone is desperate for a win but we have to be able to cope with that pressure and if we take that tension into the game we won't be able to play.

"I think once everyone is available you will start to see us looking a lot stronger than we have done in the last period and luckily we have players who are used to playing massive games.

"We can only get the right quality if we're in a relaxed frame of mind - and we don't want another draw."

Alan is only too aware that not getting a win would leave West Ham trailing further behind; already, there is a three point gap from the current position of sixth to the fifth spot.

But a win against West Brom would bring the two clubs top within a point of each other.

"We have got another Saturday next week when there are going to be a few games and we won't be playing because the Stoke game is off, but that is what happens when you have got internationals in your side - you will have these periods when you fall behind.

"Sheffield United has it last year with the cup runs they had and the internationals they have got and it is difficult.

"But that is the sort of thing you have got to overcome and the size of the squad is important.

"But, a bit like we have just had, you can climb up the league very very quickly with two or three wins with so many games in a short space of time."