Matthew's Platform

Matthew Kilgallon says he intends to build on his performance at centre half against Spurs recently - and would be delighted to have the opportunity to stay until the end of the season on loan.

Matthew, a centre half by trade who has been pressed into action as a left back on occasion this term, finally got the chance to show what he can do at the heart of the defence when injury and suspension ruled out Ian Pearce and Tomas Repka respectively.

"I was really pleased and it was the first time I had played in my position so I really enjoyed it.

"The atmosphere was good and it was the biggest game I have ever played in because I started, it went into extra time as well, and I was playing against Robbie Keane who is a great player that kept me on my toes.

"I like it at centre half a lot more because you don't stop concentrating and if you make a mistake they are going to punish you.

"It makes you a better player playing against better strikers; I was a little bit nervous at the start but as the game went on I was fine and enjoyed it more and more as it went on.

"It was two different strikers to be up against; Zamora tries to pin you and is good in the air and Robbie Keane is full of movement and plays off you.

"I enjoyed playing against both of them and it was good experience, which is what I want to gain, and hopefully I will play more for West Ham in front of big crowds.

"I would play anywhere to be in the team but my natural position is centre half and that is where I love playing."

Alan Pardew has voiced words of encouragement about the teenager, and Matthew adds:

"When you hear things like that it makes you want to play better, train better, and work harder.

"If I am going to get some more games it would be nice to stay until the end of the season but we will see what happens.

"If one of them gets injured, not that I am wishing it on them, hopefully I will be next man in and if I get my chance again I have to take it - and I would definitely be happy to stay until the end of the season."

Meanwhile, Matthew, who shares a flat with Neil Mellor, has to make sure his housemate keeps his spirits up after sustaining injury early in the reserves' defeat of Wimbledon midweek.

"He has got a bad cut on his ankle so I will look after him and I think he is going to go home for a couple of days to see his family for a couple of days before he returns and does his weights."