Trevor Pushes Claim?

Trevor Brooking believes that Trevor Sinclair might figure on either wing when it comes to England's World Cup qualifier against Slovakia in June.

Assessing the performance of the three West Ham players who figured against South Africa in the recent friendly, he says: "Jamo just had the first half and couldn't do much about the penalty. He had a couple of shots but didn't have a lot of saves to make while Robinson, when he came on, didn't have to do anything either.

"They got the result and Trevor played the best part of an hour on the left, and did okay without pushing the case to solve the problem on the left hand side.

"To be fair, Frank Lampard, who replaced him, came on and did really well - I thought he was the best of the night to push his case when he started on the left and went more inside centrally.

"So he didn't solve the left sided problem as such but he passed the ball really well and was involved with the shot that popped out for Heskey to get the goal.

"The keeper, who didn't play well for them, actually made a good save to stop him scoring as well.

"Joe got about 13 minutes towards the end on the left hand side and did okay, but probably not enough to get the run that he probably would have liked in the side.

"So they all did okay and got the win against a South Africa side who petered out a bit, but probably overall the best one from an England point of view was Frank pushing his case."

"They are all in La Manga now and then it is Serbia in early June before the big qualifying match against Slovakia on the 11th and David James is pushing his case to get in as the number one and do well in that.

"With David Beckham injured and suspended, and assuming Gerrard and Scholes play, there are positions on the left and the right and Trevor has a chance to perhaps play on his natural side on the right.

"But they still have to resolve the left-sided problem, so Trevor could still figure whereas Joe is probably having to be a bit more patient to see if openings do offer themselves up."