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Official Sponsors of West Ham United's Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is based at The Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, in the Dr Martens Stand

Centre Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday term time:
3.30 - 5.30pm Primary Schools
5.30 - 7.30pm Secondary Schools

Visit the Learning Zone's Website at
or e-mail us at [email protected]

The Venue

Futuristic design, cutting edge technology - the Learning Zone has landed! Its dazzling new image makes it one of the funkiest, most colourful classrooms in Britain.
This room doesn't politely ask you to look around; it grabs your attention and hurls you through a breathtaking space at breakneck speed.
Photographic grass on the floor, metallic trees growing out of tables, long skateboard ramp desks, a fluorescent orange arch and a reading shed send our wow! factor into orbit.
The designers definitely succeeded in their plans to "bring the outside in" and create a classroom that would have a massive impact.
Alongside the cool interior is some impressive raw computing power. State of the art flat screens, broadband internet access, video editing facilities, an interactive whiteboard and an interactive kiosk give us the potential to run a range of activities from basic ICT to multimedia workshops.

The Programme

Our current programme is an action packed, energetic 10 week course aiming to improve Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Key skills. Activities are based around the theme of The Premiership.
As the football season gets under way our pupils will be picking teams, making up a fantasy football squad with £50 million and researching the area of the country that their team comes from.
Learning Zone squads will have lots of fun activities to complete; redesigning their football kits; creating PowerPoint slides on one of their players; carrying out a survey on the Premier League and using the information to create an Excel graph; making up a Publisher leaflet for the Tourist Information Board of their city; competing in a table football mini-league; taking part in Literacy and Numeracy quizzes and completing an A-Z of football.
Pupils also have the opportunity to learn to use our hi-tech equipment. They can try scanning work, taking digital photos, creating web pages or making mini-films on our digital video camera. Our newest innovation is a diary room (like Big Brother's!), where pupils can discuss their thoughts and feelings on the Learning Zone experience.
We are working hard to ensure that our 10 week programme is an unforgettable experience.


The Presentation Evening

Pupils have the opportunity to enter their final presentations into the Learning Zone competition. Those who have work judged to be exemplary will be invited to a prize giving evening held at the end of each term. As an extra reward for all the hard work the competition winners receive their awards from West Ham United players.

What's Next

Our aim for the new term is to broaden our scope by establishing more links with other clubs through the Playing for Success initiative. We are also seeking to experiment with more interactive ICT activities, introducing video editing and launching our own diary room (like Big Brother) where pupils can discuss their own thoughts and feelings on the Learning Zone experience.

The Staff

Jo Robson
Centre Manager


Rachel Stewart
Centre Teacher


Carlos Coutinho
ICT Technician


Michaela Niggemann
Centre Assistant


Arnazbanu Khazi
Centre Assistant


Tyrone Bradnam
Centre Assistant


 Ricardo Green
Centre Assistant


Bilkiss Varatchia
Centre Assistant


Candi Eloi
Centre Assistant


Kazi Kabir
Centre Assistant


 Ali Shah
Centre Assistant