Tony On Trio

Tony Gale thinks it is far from a foregone conclusion that West ham's trio of internationals who played against South Africa will be leaving the club this summer.

David James made his fourth consecutive start for his country, playing for the first 45 minutes and nearly keeping out a penalty; Trevor Sinclair played on the left for 58 minutes before being replaced by Frank Lampard; and Joe Cole replaced Paul Scholes with 15 minutes to go in a 2-1 victory.

"They were all decent performances and it is just about keeping in the frame for the vital qualification games," says Tony.

"All the fans at home are obviously going to be thinking 'what will happen next?' I think.

"Any of our players involved in international squads are going to be players that clubs are going to want and they will keep eyeing them up.

"We just have to put up with that at the moment and wait for the bids to come in before deciding which ones we have to sell - and which ones we need to keep.

"It is a difficult one, and I think the fans would like to think they owe them a little bit; we are just going to have to wait and see.

"Obviously there are some players that you would prefer to sell and some you would prefer to keep but you are not necessarily going to get the bids for the ones you want to sell.

"It is a real difficult one but I think the most important thing is that the club have to take their time.

"Joe has got plenty of time, the same as Jermain and Glen Johnson who I think will go on to get plenty of England caps.

"The same goes for Michael Carrick; there is no big rush and I don't think a year in the first division will do anyone any harm, personally.

"It is a quiet time and clubs don't want to be paying players during the summer anyway because it is just more on the wage bills.

"It is going to be very frugal what happens in the transfer market, and, as I said, it will be very important that we take our time, weigh up the bids - if any come in - and decide who we need to sell."