Trevor Pleased

Trevor Brooking says he is delighted that Glenn Roeder has come through his surgery successfully - and adds that preseason preparations aren't far from completion.

"It was terrific news from Friday; there is always that area of uncertainty but the prognosis was a good one and the chances of success were always high," says Trevor.

"It went extremely well, as well as anyone could have hoped - so that is good news for everyone, particularly for Glenn and the family, because now that has happened you know you are definitely on the road to recovery.

"He is out of hospital later this week and for the rest of June he should be able to recover.

"To be honest, after surgery he was even well enough to watch the FA Cup final over the weekend so I think that shows the recovery period might be a little shorter than we were all thinking at one stage.

"So for me the initial news is that there shouldn't be a problem with preseason.

"The comings and goings of players will drag on over weeks rather than days anyway because no one will come on for a player now when the club is paying their wages.

"Once everyone starts drifting back in early July there will be some activity and we have got to be looking around ourselves.

"While Glenn is recovering the coaching staff, Paul Aldridge and myself will liase with Glenn - I only live a quarter of a mile up the road from him; he will be in touch all the time about those options that become available."

As for the preseason plans, Trevor reveals:

"We start a week earlier so Glenn and the coaching staff want the players back on July 1st - though one or two of the England lads who don't finish with the U21s and the senior squad until the 10th or 11th of June might just get a few days extra, otherwise they would be having just under three weeks break which is probably a bit too short.

"The first game is in the middle of the first full week of July and then there is a little flurry of three or four games - home based - and then just to break up the spell of six weeks of preseason there is about five days where the club are hoping to go to Sweden and play a couple of games.

"That will be tough because they will be right in the middle of their season, but if we have a couple of good games then against sides that are fully fit that should stretch the fitness level out for the season which starts on the 9th of August.

"There will probably be one game at Upton Park that we want on the Friday or the Saturday the week before the season starts and the opposition then will be a good quality team from abroad.

"One or two names are being bandied around but until it is confirmed we haven't finalised it yet - but a good Dutch or German club has been mentioned.

"Other than that the games will be in the southern part of England."