Where Will Bow Go?

Trevor Brooking admits that relegation scuppered any chance of offering Lee Bowyer a new contract - but doesn't know where he is going to go next.

"One or two are looking for Premiership contracts or somewhere abroad like Lee Bowyer, so we couldn't have matched the sort of salary they would have been looking for," he says.

The most intense speculation points towards Newcastle at the moment, but Trevor adds:

"There is lots of speculation and a couple of Premiership clubs near the top have been mentioned, as well as a Spanish club."

Reports that Lee may need an operation are not true - he has had one - and Trevor explains:

"I think more than anything Lee has been a bit frustrated with his ankle and he has had an operation now to try and rectify that last week, so that will take him sort of six weeks to recover from that.

"Naturally, because he is going for nothing, there will be some big clubs involved, I am sure, and he will want to get fit to do himself justice.

"Unfortunately from our point of view he was never quite able to make the contribution we all hoped when he signed in January."