Sincs: I'm Happy To Stay

Trevor Sinclair says he will not be asking for a transfer in the summer - but does not know if he will be sold anyway.

"I have got two years left on my contract and I know the club has to make savings as there is a shortfall of between £15m and £20m, so there are going to be players leaving," he says.

"I presume the players that are a bit older, like myself, David James, and a few others might be considered worth letting go if there are clubs interested - and if it is advantageous to the club in the bigger picture to sell.

"But I am not going to be going in and knocking on any doors putting in transfer requests. If the club want me to stay and fight for promotion next year then that is what I am going to be doing.

"Obviously Jermain has been in the spotlight, there is Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Glen Johnson, Steve Bywater, players of that calibre and I think the club are looking to them to be an integral part of the promotion push next year.

"With other players maybe they will be trying to cut the wage bill a little bit and look for replacements. That is just looking from where I am stood, but the club might have a different agenda and we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

"If the club want to keep me I am most definitely going to be up for the challenge and make sure I start the season much better than I did last year."

Trevor, currently on England duty in South Africa, adds: "I am going to have a lot more rest this summer than I did last summer, as I feel that is important for me. It is probably two or three years ago that I last got a proper rest because I was injured in 2001 and had to get fit through the summer, then I had the World Cup last year - so it has been a long time since I have had a break from football.

"Even this summer will be cut a little bit shorter with me being in the squad but at least I will get a month or so off, which is important.

"Then I can come back fresh for the start of the season, playing like I know I can and what I feel I showed towards the end of last year."

Talking of relegation, Trevor adds: "It was a big shock for me being in a team that has been relegated but obviously, although I was in a team fighting for survival and ultimately failing in that, it shows that some encouraging performances have not gone unseen - that is a big confidence booster for me.

"If you look at it realistically, if we can show the sort of form that we did at the end of the season and keep the players we have got, there is no reason why we can't bounce straight back.

"That would be the ideal way of dealing with it but obviously financial pressures in football might prevent that.

"There has been a lot of media speculation regarding Fredi Kanoute's future, Paolo is obviously not going to be with us next year, and there is a lot of business going to be done over the summer.

"But let's hope the main strength and impetus of the squad remains and we can go into the new season full of confidence and with a good squad."

Trevor hopes that Jermain Defoe will resolve his situation with the club, and feels that criticism of the youngster handing a transfer request in has been harsh.

"Jermain has been a great professional for the club. I have been in this situation before where me being at the club the length of time I had and players leaving that I had bonded very well with, meant that I thought that the time was right to maybe try something different to increase my chances to get into the England squad.

"The club rejected my transfer request, as they did with Jermain, and I did get a bit of stick.

"Ultimately if it is not ironed out with Jermain that same thing could happen - but I hope it doesn't.

"He just feels that for him to progress in his career he needs that move, and I wouldn't ever knock a fellow professional putting in a transfer request if that is what they thought was best for themselves and their family.

"I changed my mind eventually, though for months it was foremost in my thoughts to try and get a move, but West Ham were persistent, they encouraged me to stay, and showed me that they were ambitious.

"We then finished seventh and I felt the club had a bright future, though unfortunately we got relegated this year.

"But I am a man and I have made my decision to stay, and just because it hasn't worked out this season doesn't mean I am going to be spitting my dummy out and asking for another transfer request.

"I think there will be a few twists and turns throughout the summer and a lot of clubs, I am sure, will be interested in our players.

"What happens is purely dependent on what the club need to do financially for next season."

One player definitely leaving is, of course Paolo Di Canio - and as far as Trevor is concerned it is a case of 'thanks for the memories'.

"Even in the last game he came on and scored the goal. It is a shame we didn't have him all season because it might have been a different outcome, but I don't quite know the ins and outs of what was going on," says Trevor.

"But the fact of the matter is we have been relegated and it is sad to see him go because he has been a great player for West Ham, a fans' favourite, and he has brought some magical times to Upton Park.

"As for me, I have got to pick myself up, try and forget about relegation, go out there, and enjoy being with the national squad, which I am proud to do.

"We have a couple of friendlies then the all-important Slovakia game so it is going to be exciting and I am glad to be involved."

He knows he will have to put the pain of relegation to one side while on England duty, and he admits: "It is a bonus to be back in the squad but with the dust still settling on the relegation it is hard.

"But I am going to get my head together, try and get composed, and look at the challenge ahead with England.

"I don't think we had the luck. Towards the end of the season we were getting the results that we needed but the Bolton game was a major part in why we ended up getting relegated.

"It has been a tough season and a lot of players, to be honest, can look back on it and say early doors they didn't perform to the standards they set themselves - and it has ended up with too big a mountain to climb in the end.

"In a few more games maybe we would have done it because we were showing great form in the last two or three months of the season.

"The fans at the end have been great for us and we just haven't produced, all through, what we have shown we can produce towards the end - and it is very disappointing.

"We don't go out with the intention of performing badly; something was missing for one reason or another and the team was affected by that.

"Unfortunately we have not got a big squad where if someone is underperforming or not playing as well as they can you can bring someone in who has the quality to fill their place, and that is what it is all about - strength in depth - and players have to play even though they are below par and suffering because of it.

"It is definitely a massive blow for the club and the media are all over the place looking for stories. It basically is up to the players to keep a tight ship and look after themselves over the summer before coming back on the first of July raring to go."

"I think the fans gave us a great sending off, even though they knew we were condemned, and I would personally like to thank them for getting behind the team like they did, and hopefully we can repay them by getting us back to where we all know we want to be, in the Premiership."