Paolo: I'll Take My Time

Paolo Di Canio says he will let the pain of relegation recede before he considers what to do next.

"It is a very bad time to think about what is going on; I want to relax for a week, 10 days, and then see what happens in the future, but it will be a family decision," says Paolo, still feeling the hurt of a first ever career 'demotion'.

While there are rumours of returning to Lazio - sensible gamblers, if there are such a thing, would not punt on him joining Portsmouth, but there could be other takers in the Premiership - he says:

"I will follow the Hammers every time and wherever I am I will ask about the West Ham result - I have a fantastic friendship and relationship with the supporters so I can hope only the best for them now - they deserve it."

The personal glory of scoring home and away in his last two appearances by way of signing off holds little appeal to Paolo - typically, he would have sacrificed that for West Ham staying in the Premiership.

"The goal at Birmingham doesn't count for anything - it is a bad time for us and especially the supporters because a lot of people will leave this club, but the supporters will stay - and this is the shame at the moment.

"I came on in a difficult situation because I was knowing that other things had to happen for us to be safe.

"This is the first time in my life that I have been relegated, unfortunately, and it is with a team I love.

"Now I wish the club, and especially the supporters, the best of luck, because they don't deserve to play in the first division, and I hope the club can build a new squad to come back straight away - because otherwise it is not good for the Hammers supporters.

"What I know is, it is down to everyone to take responsibilty - every member of the club.

"Now is not the time to criticise, it is the time to rebuild because West Ham can't stay longer than one year in division one.

"Until the 31st of June I will be a West Ham player and then we will see, but I am not free yet - but I would have preferred to leave the club in a different manner."