Glen: We Should All Stay

Glen Johnson says he has no thoughts of leaving West Ham in their hour of need - and is not convinced Jermain Defoe will be off, either.

"I am staying," he says. "I am totally devoted to the club and always will be, and, although you never know what is going to happen, it hasn't entered my head to move," he says.

"We are the reason we are down there so we should get them back up and if we keep all the players we have got we will win it - I don't doubt that."

As for the furore surrounding Jermain's transfer request, released through a statement from his advisers, Glen - a close friend as well as colleague of Jermain's - is keen to defend his mate and insists: "He hasn't been saying all that, it is his agent putting it about - he is just a young lad who does what he is told, do you know what I mean?

"If my agent told me to do that I would do the same. They have made it look like he is saying these things, and he is getting blasted, which is unfair.

"His agent has given him bad advice, when they are there to do the best for you - and at that moment they haven't really helped him."

As for his reaction to the bad feeling the news caused, Glen reveals: "He is hurt and annoyed. Fans are obviously going to believe what they read but they will find out when he is still around here and banging in goals - they will realise he still wants to play for the club.

"I have spoken to him. At the end of the day he has got to do what he has got to do and if he wants to stay he is going to stay, which I think he will.

"If someone offers money that the club can't refuse, though, you never know what is going to happen, but they could do it tomorrow or never do it - you don't know what is round the corner."

He admits the initial news took him aback, adding: "I was surprised and I wasn't too sure what had happened at first. I just kept seeing it on the news and I phoned him to talk about it.

"I don't know the ins and outs but I think he followed advice and he is hurt because, for a little while at least, the fans aren't going to be the same.

"But I hope he will be here next season, and he will score a lot. Give him a chance and he is going to score - the kid can finish!"

Glen played on loan in the first division last season with Millwall before returning at Christmas to move up to the Premiership, and he adds: "Jermain will get more chances in that division than he will in the Premiership, and he has scored plenty in that - if he plays to his best he will tear any defence apart."

Glen hops that not only does Jermain reconsider and stay, his colleagues will remain too by way of repaying the loyalty of the fans, and he adds: "I want everyone to stay; the other lads will do what they want to do but hopefully they will stay.

"The players are the reason the club is in the first division and if they all p*** off to different clubs it is like they don't care about West Ham any more, whereas they should be working their socks off to get them back where they should be."

As for speculation regarding so many of the first team squad, Glen concludes: "The papers talk as much bull as anyone and I am not saying the lads are not showing loyalty.

"But I think they should stay. No one has moved on yet so we will have to wait and see what really happens."