Trevor On Transfer Request

Trevor Brooking has reacted to Jermain Defoe's transfer request by suggesting that the advice the youngster received may not have been the correct way to proceed.

News of the handing in of the request came out before it happened, preceded, of course, by a story linking him with Manchester United on the morning of the most important match West Ham had been involved in in many a year, and Trevor says: "There was always going to be activity in the summer. Jermain has given his all, and played superbly this season - and he is only 20.

"Whoever advises him, and I don't know who it is off the top of my head, has made an error of judgment and this is not in Jermain's nature - the apparent quickness of the request is not good PR advice for Jermain.

"I feel sorry for the lad and don't think they are looking at it from his point of view - one week, two weeks, or whatever is one thing, perhaps, but less than 24 hours after relegation suggests to me poor advice for the lad, and I really don't understand the timing.

"Someone trying to guide him has not done that well and as far as we are concerned we don't want his good relationship with the fans to be bruised.

"Hopefully I will be having a chat with Jermain soon but anyway, we are not under pressure to move players on with a few million pounds dropping off the wage bill from players leaving anyway at the end of their contracts.

"We want to keep our key players even though there will be squad changes. As far as Jermain's transfer request is concerned - that is all it is, a request.

"And he does still have two years left on his contract."