Roger Optimistic

Roger Cross is still hopeful that the Hammers will still be in the Premiership come the close of play on Sunday.

"I'd certainly have liked more teams in the equation but things didn't go as well for us at the weekend as we'd have hoped, we did our part but you do need a bit of help along the way," he says.

"It is just between us and Bolton now, so we have to make sure we go to Birmingham and win, and then see what the outcome is.

"I think the players have shown great character and have done everything Glenn would have wanted them to have done.

"We have only been beaten once in the last 10 games and there have been some very good performances there. The only unfortunate thing is that when we couldn't afford to lose we lost, at Bolton.

"It has been a great run and I feel very confident that we will win at Birmingham, and I have got belief in Middlesbrough - I think they could go to Bolton and get something.

"They have to play for places in this league and it means a lot of money to a football club to even finish one place higher.

"We just have to do our part, make sure we get our result, and then you worry about the other result, but I am quite optimistic and believe we can get through this.

"My belief is we can win, I think that Middlesbrough can get something at Bolton - and if that happens we are staying up."

As for last Saturday's win over Chelsea which kept West Ham's hopes alive for one more week, Roger says: "It was fantastic, wonderful, and just how Upton Park should always be. The fans were terrific and the players really gave them something to cheer for.

"There were some great performances there against a Chelsea side that needed to win the game just as much as we did.

"We came through ever so well and thoroughly deserved our victory."

Roger is optimistic, too, that Glenn Roeder is recuperating well, and he adds: "It wasn't very nice to see Glenn ill but he is progressing now and I feel a great relief. He is not just the manager but he is a very good friend as well - we have been quite close since we first worked together.

"It was a terrible shock but you have to get on with things. I am sure that is what Glenn wanted us to do, and that is what we did.

"I haven't spoken to Glenn yet. We have been guided by the doctors at the club, John Green, and Trevor. It is a difficult one, and we have just been making enquiries to make sure he is okay.

"I really am looking forward to speaking with him but I want to do it when the time is right.

"His family are with him and you have to respect that - not intruding on his privacy.

"We are just carrying on as we normally do, and Trevor has added his part to it and given the players belief.

"We see Trevor quite a lot anyway during the season. He comes to the training ground once or twice a week, and we talk about football, he sees all the games, so he knows everything that is going on and how we have been playing."

Staying up, Roger believes, would be reward for all the hard work Glenn put in during the season, and concludes: "It would be the best 'pick-me-up' that Glenn could ever have; he has worked so hard for it."