Rufus: Fulham Are Safe

Rufus Brevett says that his old club Fulham are not in danger of relegation this season, despite the apparent turmoil there.

"I think they will be safe; they have got a lot of quality there," he says.

With the announcement that Jean Tigana will not be at the club next season, Rufus, who was allowed to join the Hammers against Tigana's wishes - says:

"With the news coming out I think the players will want to finish on a great high there because he has done very well for every single one of them.

"I am actually surprised by what has happened because he was a very good player and he is a very good manager; I had three good years under him which I thoroughly enjoyed.

"I think Fulham will miss him and I know the players will miss him; but that is football and you have just got to move on."

Rufus is grateful for Tigana's influence on his own game, and he explains:

"Without a shadow of a doubt he helped my career; when he came in there was talk of certain players that he was going to get rid of, but to be fair to him he gave everyone a chance.

"He added that something to my game and gave me the confidence to go out and play the way he wanted.

"Maybe some people thought I couldn't do that but I think I proved a lot of people wrong and that is all down to Jean Tigana because he showed a great belief in me."