Glenn On Revival

Glenn Roeder says that West Ham's recent revival has been based on sheer diligence - and an increased confidence that the results have given the players.

"In the past month our performances have been based on sweat and hard work - and they are not nasty words," he says.

"They are important to a team that wins football matches - season after season the Manchester Uniteds, Arsenals, Liverpools, Chelseas and Newcastles start their game from hard work, closing down, getting the ball off the opposition, then playing attractive football once they get the ball and making opportunities.

"You can't win football matches without the hard work, and especially in the last month we have started matches very quickly and in a strong positive fashion, and I am saying to players before we go out 'who is going to get the first tackle in this afternoon?' and 'who is going to win the first challenge in the air?'

"Our blood has been racing at kick-off time and it is important that it is us who lands the first knockout punch.

"It is okay me saying be confident and have belief, and to an extent they were showing it - and they have never caved in or given in on a consistent basis - but there is nothing like winning football matches or getting good draws away from home - as we did at Goodison Park - for the belief.

"It is all very well them listening to me then wanting to believe me, but when they actually get the results I don't have to say anything."

Glenn admits it might not always be pretty in the remaining games, and he explains: "People who watched the Everton game said they were surprised what quality football West Ham played considering where they were going in to the game.

"But that is the only way we can play anyway. I wouldn't know how to coach or preach to the players route one or any other style of football other than the style we play at West Ham and the football that our supporters expect us to play.

"But I am sure if there are periods in the last seven games where it is not pretty to watch they will understand as long as we get the result.

"It was certainly a thoroughly deserved win on Saturday against Sunderland. It was nice to get both a good performance and a victory.

"Where we are at the moment there might be cases where the result is more important than the performance, and I suppose you could look at the second half against West Brom, when we got a fine win away from home and say the result was the most important thing.

"It is difficult to play against West Brom's route one tactics and it probably wasn't a classic to watch.

"But on Saturday we got the performance; it was an enjoyable game to watch I would imagine, and we got the three points we wanted.

"I think Mick McCarthy gave a fair assessment after the game, and it is good when the opposing manager, especially in his situation having just taken over the club, makes an honest and correct judgment.

"He said after the second goal went in, in the next 10 or 15 minutes they could really have got hurt and conceded four or five because young Defoe could have taken the matchball home with him.

"But hopefully some of those chances that went begging are waiting for another day when we will need them to secure the victories we are going to need in the next few games."