Dj: We're In Control

David James insists he is happy now that West Ham's destiny is, mathematically at least, in their own hands.

After moving out of the bottom three for only the second time this season, the thoughts of many now to turn to how Bolton fare against Spurs on Monday night.

Not so David, who insists:

"The one good thing, even if it is doesn't go our way tonight, is that we are still within touching distance of them - and we have still got to play them, so a lot of it is in our own hands.

"Being out of the bottom three might be permanent for the rest of the season, and that is what we have got to hope for.

"The result has gone our way so now it is up to Bolton to do whatever they have got to do, and there is no influence on that from ourselves.

"We have still got control of our own destiny, and with 10 points out of the last 12 available it is exactly the way we could have asked for it.

"We are winning, except at Everton, and that was a fantastic result because it is a very difficult place to go.

"With three victories in the other games, it shows that we can only do what we do and it is up to the others to take care of their own business.

"It is going to be a good two weeks for us regardless of at happens at Bolton; we have a victory going into a two week break, so it makes a change."

David rejects the 'showboating' charge from Saturday's game, insisting that the right amount of flair with hard work is a winning combination - as it proved at the weekend.

"We might be the only side in Britain who try to nutmeg their way out of relegation territory - but we have a lot of fight and determination as well.

"Without conceding you have got a better chance, and I felt good in myself without having a lot to do - in fact, in the last few games I have felt good."

David is, of course, the only West Ham player in the latest full England squad, and Sven-Goran Eriksson has said if David Seaman is not fit, DJ will play in his place.

"We will see; I didn't even know exactly when the squad was being announced," he says, "but that is nice to know.

"I wouldn't wish anything upon anyone but if the opportunity arises, to use a cliche, I will take it with both hands.

"It's a great opportunity - I love playing for England and it's a major honour and I would like to play in a competitive game where you have the consequences of performance.

"I don't think clean sheets dictate performance, though; I kept a clean sheet on Saturday for West Ham but I've played better this season and conceded three."

As for the club v country row, he adds:

"A friendly game at international level is different - this game will give me the opportunity to show what I'm like when it matters.

"We lost to Australia but so what? It might have affected our FIFA ranking slightly, but other than that it meant nothing, whereas In Liechtenstein we have a chance of three points.

"The Aussie game did serve a purpose because some of the new blood put in there are back in the squad now and had they not played in that game, it's feasible they wouldn't have been included - the result was secondary."