Roger: Attitude Was Good

Roger Cross says there were no problems with the attitude of the reserve team's senior players on Tuesday evening, despite the disappointing goalless draw with Chelsea.

"It was disappointing not to win. We should have done but we didn't - we created the chances but we didn't take them," says Roger of the 0-0 draw.

Included in the side were Edouard Cisse, for the second game in a row, Gary Breen, Christian Dailly, Sebastien Schemmel and Don Hutchison - all relatively unfamiliar with the surroundings of second string football.

But Roger stresses: "The attitude of the players, including five senior players was terrific, though, and there were no problems at all with that.

"And we didn't concede any goals so that is another clean sheet."

Amongst the plus points from the game was the performance of Shaun Byrne, and Roger adds: "Shaun had to change his position again last night from midfield to wing back, but he is having a very good season at the moment and I am delighted with him.

"Don't forget, Shaun has had a lot of injuries in the past and at the moment he has played consecutive games for some time so that is a good sign."

As for Clive Delaney's second performance in a West Ham shirt since his move from University College of Dublin, Roger says: "He is coming on very well; I have been very pleased with both of his performances.

"The period he is with us is to judge him playing with - and against - better players, obviously."