Important: Season Tickets Holders And Standing

Supporters that have either renewed or applied for a season ticket in the Bobby Moore Stand lower tier should by now have received a letter requiring their signature to enable the ticket office to issue their season tickets.

Ticket office manager Steve Kitcher explained the need for this letter and what it is trying to achieve:    

"We understand that the letter complicates the normal method for applying for season tickets and I can only apologise for this. However I cannot emphasise how important it is that those affected cooperate with us as the possible consequences should we choose to ignore this matter far outweigh the inconvenience of actually signing and returning the letter to us. 

"I have had a number of conversations with season ticket holders since the letter was posted and most have asked the same question, and that is why the letter was not sent with the renewal pack. I actually agree, not just so the supporter was aware of the addition to the process before actually renewing their season ticket but even internally this would have simplified the whole procedure.

"Unfortunately this was not possible, during the meetings with the Safety Advisory Group it was agreed that in order to emphasise the seriousness of the situation a separate letter would be sent and it was agreed that season tickets would not be issued until receipt of the signed letter by the ticket office.

"In order for us to be able to open and allow our supporters into the stadium we have to apply for and be issued a license from Newham Council, they will only issue the license if we are complying with the conditions set by the Football Licensing Authority. Quite simply if supporters continually stand in an area designated as seating only we have been informed by Newham Council that they will look to revoke the certificate and will immediately reduce the capacity of the offending area and ultimately completely close the stand if the standing continues.        

"When speaking to supporters many feel that it is perfectly safe to stand and those that wish to do so should be allowed the choice, whilst there have been some very valid points raised the decision as to whether this can ever be bought back is nether with West Ham United nor Newham Council it is much higher and lies with parliament.

"It would be unthinkable to have to play a game with any of our stands empty, let alone our most vociferous, unfortunately this is how serious the matter has become and what we are currently being faced with. I am sure however that working together we can avoid this situation."