Glenn: Personality Counts

Glenn Roeder says he will be looking at acquiring players with personality as well as talent this summer when he begins his rebuilding programme.

Although the focus of media attention at the moment is on which players may leave - and Glenn has said nothing will happen this month, despite one newspaper variously claiming Trevor Sinclair was a target for Southampton - immediately denied by their chairman - and that 'West Ham are hoping to move Sinclair out this week.'

Glenn will talk to his players upon their return to preseason training, and meanwhile is drawing up a dossier on those he would like to bring in.

"Character is hugely important to me; it is crucial, and, like probably all managers and coaches no one likes working with players with bad attitude, players that only think of themselves - maverick type characters," he says.

"When you have those types it eats away at team spirit, and I think when you see the teams that do well their dressing rooms are a good place to be and the working environment is so much better.

"We need players of high quality, obviously, but players that, when it comes to the crunch, are prepared to put the team before themselves.

"Those people are hard to find in modern life, but they are there if you look hard enough, and we need to create that sort of atmosphere where everyone puts the team before themselves.

"We have got lots of players already like that at the club and I will do everything I can to keep that type of player and it is why signings must be very careful.

"I must be sure about their ability but I must be equally sure about their character."

How many players come in remains a matter of conjecture and Glenn admits:

"That depends on lots of things; the sales that we make will have a bearing on what we are able to do.

"But we are drawing up a list of players that will give us a better balance in the squad in terms of positions.

"We are very short of wide players and basically the only true wide player at the football club is Trevor Sinclair.

"Other players have had to accommodate that position in the year like Joe and Steve Lomas and they have shown the attitude and done it because they are prepared to put the team before themselves.

"But both would prefer to play in the centre of midfield; I understand that and I know it.

"It would be nice to have two naturally wide players in the team; with a 4-4-2 it is important that you have the right balance because you need crosses coming in to create chances in the penalty box.

"That is just one example.

"At the moment, until Les signs, we have technically only got one striker that you want to work with on the books in young Jermain.

"We really want Les to sign and we have got to be looking at least one, if not two strikers.

"We will achieve getting the balance by having to make one or two sales."