Ludo: Jamo's In For The Long Term

Ludek Miklosko is backing David James to retain his long term place in the England side - despite David Seaman's move to Manchester City this summer.

Many observers feel Seaman's move to City could rejuvenate his career in the sense it will guarantee the first team football that he might not have got had he stayed at Highbury, and Ludo says:

"I am a little bit surprised and I don't know what the strategy of Manchester City is, releasing one goalkeeper who is nearly 40 and getting another one.

"I think David James will stay number one because I don't know how David Seaman will be with his injuries; in the last couple of years he always had some injury, back problems, and shoulder problems - I am not sure."

Jamo has pledged his loyalty to the Hammers, and Ludo is delighted about that.

"I think and hope he will stay; we need to keep a strong team if we want to go back into the Premier League," he says.

Like Sven, he does not feel relegation will adversely affect his chances, and explains:

"For a goalkeeper it is a little bit different than for outfield players and I don't think one year in the first division is too bad - he can still be number one in England and play in this division.

"I think it will be very hard and, with 46 games, I think he will be busy, but I haven't spoken to him since the end of the season because he has been with the international team."

Ludo is also pleased that Steve Bywater has overcome injury problems to get back in the England U21 squad, though he didn't make the actual team that faced Slovakia on Tuesday.

"It is great for both of them; David played well in the last 20 games and I think he deserves it, and Steve as well was working very hard after his injury and played well for the reserves - I am very pleased with them both."

Ludo thinks he will stay at the club and adds:

"Steven's contract finished and he has been offered a new one so it is up to him, but I would like to keep him.

"At 21 he is still a young keeper and he still has his future in front of him."

As for his view on West Ham's loss of Premiership status, he concludes:

"It was very disappointing but that is life, it is now over, and we have to concentrate on next season, and try to get quickly back into the Premier League."

Sven-Goran Eriksson has absolved David for the free kick that Slovakia scored on Wednesday evening and explains:

"David James shouldn't get any blame for the goal; I think that we defended too deep.

"When a ball comes in like that, you have three or four people who could have headed it - none of them did, and, when we defend too deep, then it's too late for the goalkeeper when the ball passes everyone by because he is standing there and expecting someone to clear it or head it."