Seb: We Must Bounce Back

Sebastien Schemmel insists that he will give his all for the club - if he is still a West Ham player come the start of the season.

Seb, who missed the trip to Sweden through a muscle strain, says that if he stays at Upton Park his only thought will be to help restore West Ham to the Premiership.

"I am looking to go back into the Premiership and everyone is working for this - I will be working very hard for this," he stresses.

"Preseason is very difficult but all right; football is not easy."

Seb, who was the Hammer of the year two seasons ago, found the going a little harder last season as Glen Johnson eventually emerged to take his place at right back. But there are no hard feeling towards Glen, and he admits:

"Everybody was surprised when he left because, like Joe Cole and Jermain Defoe, he was the future of West Ham.

"I want to play now though I don't decide; Glenn does, but I am ready."

Seb does concede there is a possibility of his departing, however, and he reveals:

"I don't know yet; I have been told I can leave and maybe that will happen or not, nobody knows.

"West Ham received an offer from my last team, Metz, but they don't have money and they just wanted to do a loan deal for one year.

"There was an offer from Sporting Lisbon but I don't want to go, and I have been waiting for an offer from a good Spanish team, Mallorca.

"If I have a good offer I will leave but I would be sad; I respect the choice that West Ham made last year, though.

"I love the fans and the squad and I am a professional; I don't want to leave but if an offer comes in I have to look at it.

"Before the first game we will know what is happening and if I play for West Ham in the first game I will stay for the next two years."