Graeme's Big Year

This season could be 'make or break' for Michael Carrick's younger brother Graeme - with the hope being that he has better luck with injuries than either of the pair did last year.

"Like Anton Ferdinand, Graeme is living slightly in his brother's shadow, but he is a level headed boy," says Tony Carr.

"The problem with Graeme is that his first year has been punctuated with injuries and we are praying and hoping that the boy can get a good pre-season and get off to a flying start, staying injury free so he can really show what he can do.

"Like the other third years, it is a big year for them and the last thing they want in their final year, when they need to prove their worth, is to have injuries.

"So I am keeping my fingers crossed for Graeme and hope the injuries are behind him - he deserves that, and he certainly needs it.

"I think he will admit himself he has got a bit of catching up to do because he has missed so much; when you miss a lot of football at this level it is very hard to stay with the pace.

"I am just hoping that in his pre-season he has no injuries; there is no suggestion that he will but we are just hoping that he won't."

As for Michael, who is currently injured, Tony adds: "I'd like to think Michael will stick around; again, he has had injury problems, certainly in the second half of the season.

"Not that I know what anyone's intentions are, but from my point of view I don't want anyone to leave West Ham and certainly not any more of the the homegrown players - and hopefully that won't be the case."