Fredi: I May Stay

Fredi Kanoute says he is not desperate to move on - and is concentrating on his preseason training at West Ham.

Fredi has been the source of almost constant speculation this summer but Glenn Roeder's view is that it will be the club, not the media or agents, who will decide what happens when.

And Fredi, for his part, insists he is not unsettled.

"I just want to be focused on the place I am and that is it - everybody is determined.

A partnership between him and Jermain Defoe would certainly be expected to shoot the Hammers back into the Premiership, though the number of times the played together last season was severely limited by Fredi's injuries.

"That is unfortunate but maybe we will play more together," he says.

"I don't know what will happen in a few weeks."

Regarding the rumours, he says:

"I don't know where I will start the season; I am just focused on the training now and I don't want to think about something else.

"I have an agent and if he finds something or someone calls him we will discuss the project.

"But if it doesn't happen I will do my job in training and that is it.

"If I have to play in the first division I will; it is going to be difficult and I don't know how they play there.

"But it is going to be very tough and we have to adapt - but it is football anyway.

"It is not the end of the world but we did deserve it because we didn't play very well last season.

"We just have to stick together to get back into the Premiership - and that is it."

He is trying to follow Glenn Roeder's advice of 'if you look backwards that is where you will go' and says of the pain of relegation:

"It is still with us but we have to pass through this and think about something else now.

"Another season is starting now and we have to focus on this.

"I spent a little bit of the summer thinking about it; the last game of the season was hard on our minds and the holiday was to let that away a little bit.

"I wanted to chill a little bit and start the season with a good mind."

So the mind is focused; how about the body?

"I feel good; in my mind I wanted to do 45 minutes at Bournemouth because it was my first game and that is better for me.

"I just wanted to feel my body again with the ball; that was enough and I happy with that."