Paul's Hope

Paul Goddard is hopeful that Rob Lee will become a West Ham player in due course - and that he will be just the start of the summer acquisitions.

"Rob is someone that we have been very interested in ever since Glenn got the job; obviously he is that little bit older now and has become available on a free transfer," he says.

"Glenn offered Rob the facility to come and train with no promises to have a look at him and see how fit he is - and I have got to say he has been immaculate in his training so far as has everyone.

"Training has been super since we have been back; there has been a high standard of everything and Rob has played his part, looking a very good player still."

Rob's ability to play a number of positions could be an asset, says Paul, who adds:

"When you get to his age you have got to be a bit versatile and know about the game.

"He has got many games under his belt and he is an experienced player."

But Paul warns that several more players must be brought in as well, and adds:

"There has to be players brought into the squad and a reshape of the playing squad.

"The facts of life are that we are losing players and we just hope that we are going to be able to bring in some new faces and a fresh impetus into the side to give ourselves a chance."