Tony's Wish

Tony Carr says he hopes that all the young players released this summer can find new clubs before the season starts.

Talking of the youngsters who have not made the grade at Upton Park, he says: "Ronnie Fletcher is leaving the club; he didn't make his third year; he is a good lad, a good trainer who worked hard, but didn't quite have enough.

"He had to compete with Anton Ferdinand and Elliott Ward, which was always going to be a difficult one. Although we signed them professionally we just didn't feel there was going to be the progression there for Ronnie so we have released him.

"Hopefully he can find pastures new and a career at another club.

"The same goes for Danny Morris; there are always casualties in any academy system and scholarship programme.

"He did well in the youth cups, caught the eye with Greg Pearson and scored goals, but again we didn't think the opportunity was there at this point and that we could progress him much further.

"When we get to that stage we have to release them, only to be fair to them as much as anything else.

"Ayo Akinsete is probably the success story of the players that are being released, and I say released rather than failed because no one fails in the academy system, they just find the level where they are going to be comfortable.

"By coming through the system they are going to be better players and better people for it and it opens the door for them in other avenues.

"This has happened to Ayo who is academically quite bright and I am pleased to say had the opportunity to go to America on a four-year football scholarship.

"James Allen left midway through the season because of one or two problems we had with the player so we felt it was better that there was a parting of the ways.

"He had a contract with Bristol City for the season just finished but I don't know his intentions for next season.

"Billy Mehmet was close to being retained but he was reluctantly released and, again, it is a success story that he has got a two-year contract with Dunfermline.

"It is always nice when you do release a boy that they get a contract elsewhere.

"I said to him that he is going to be playing against some big teams in front of big crowds so it is a fantastic opportunity for him.

"If he does have ambitions to come back to the Premier League or the first division next season there is no better stage for him than to perform in the Premier League in Scotland."