Ed's Black Sunday

Edouard Cisse calls the defeat at Old Trafford in the FA Cup 'Black Sunday' and hopes that, unlike the stock market, he and his team mates can avoid a further slump.

"It was a black Sunday, a s*** game and we conceded six horrible goals," he admits.

"I don't know exactly what the problem was, and if we did know we probably wouldn't have lost, but there were individual mistakes - which is why they scored so easily.

"No one was happy, not me, not the supporters, not the manager, the players, the goalkeeper...

"I totally agree with the manager's frustration. Everyone knows it is a difficult position for him and everyone knows what position we are in.

"But Glenn is a good manager, which is why it is so frustrating, and why he is so disappointed and angry. There is no answer and I am really disappointed for him and me."

The Hammers have let in 47 goals this season - six more than Bolton - and Edouard adds: "Obviously conceding a lot of goals this season has been the main problem this season - but I really thought at the beginning of January that would change, that it would be really different, which is why I find it surprising.

"Six goals against Manchester United, four against Charlton, and three against Arsenal - it is difficult.

"I think now it is not the time to talk but to react and play on the pitch. Since the start of the season we have been talking to try to explain things but now we have to prove it on the pitch.

"Every time we try to win, obviously, but you really have to work at football, games are weird, and of course you can win or lose."

Of the Highbury defeat the previous Sunday, he says: "We were unlucky against Arsenal with the red card and the penalty and with 11 men it is difficult enough, let alone 10 - that makes it really complicated."

Still, Edouard did get something from that game, as he reveals: "I got Patrick Vieira's shirt - I already have Thierry Henry's!"