Glenn Frustrated

Glenn Roeder says he is being hampered in his efforts to sign a striker by the fact that other clubs haven't managed to do deals - and admits the situation is getting "uncomfortable."

"The transfer system at the moment is all jammed up and the only way a deal would get done is if you have got cash," he explains.

"Manchester City have got money and they can get someone, but we are in a situation where cash is king.

"We live in those times at the moment, and there is hardly anybody that has got any cash - and because of that everyone is looking at loans and swap deals.

"It is so hard to make them happen. We are sitting on a player coming to us but we won't get him until his club gets involved in a transaction themselves - and as soon as a transaction happens at his club, as far as I'm concerned, the player will come across to us.

"It is that one log in the river that is stopping all the other logs flowing down - and as soon as the first log is freed - whoosh!

"It all goes, and once you see one or two deals done you will see eight or nine other deals done quickly - but it will all be loans and swaps.

"We are looking at two weeks to go now - and it is getting tight and uncomfortable for the many people that want to act like we do.

"We are being made to wait but there is nothing we can do because we are not in a position to get involved with spending money - like the majority of the Premiership."