Glenn Backs Dj

David James is being backed by Glenn Roeder to bounce back after two unfortunately costly errors in the last two games.

"It is not 'can he pick himself up?' - he has got to; he is 31 or 32 years old with massive experience, he has been to World Cups and played for his country so he has got to have broad shoulders and stand tall," says Glenn of his number one.

"He has to get his chin off his chest, not that his chin is on his chest, stand up to be counted - and play like we know he can.

"As a goalkeeper you make an error and you get punished and unfortunately he has made one two weeks running.

"But he has got to overcome that, have the strength of character and mental toughness to say to himself 'I will carry on' and in the next game have a stunning one - if he needs to.

"He might not have to, but we know David James has got the ability of an international player."

Glenn is brushing aside any perceived 'controversy' about Lee Bowyer's signing and he adds:

"We have a good relationship with the local community and we will make sure that remains a strong one."

As for the football, he says:

"There has been a real feelgood factor at Chadwell Heath and I hope we can carry that into the Newcastle game; every game from now until the end of the season is going to be a vital three points.

"We need five or six home wins between now and the end of the season but you can only get one at a time and we are focused heavily on Newcastle.

"Let's just hope by getting that home victory last weekend that it is the break we have been waiting for to get the wins at Upton Park that we have to.

"We took 40 points here last year and if anyone had said when we beat Bolton last season that we wouldn't win at home until January I think 99 people out of 100 would have been surprised by that statement.

"But that is the way it has worked out; we are not happy about it but we have to accept that and look to the future.

"There is no point in looking at the past which has come and gone - we can only do something about the future.

"We are also going to have to do well on our travels; we have improved on last season away and that has to continue.

"There are certain fixtures away from home that we definitely need not to lose and preferably take three points in.

"We need to get a number of points on our travels but we have to get the lion's share here at Upton Park which we haven't done so far.

"I won't divulge our points target but we have a game plan, the squad knows what we have to do, and we feel we know what we have to do.

"They can say what they want about us, that we haven't done this, that we haven't done that, but I would point out two things.

"We have tried to operate without Kanoute and Di Canio and whatever anyone says they have been our main two strikers for the last couple of seasons and they would have been this campaign had they remained fit.

"They have started two or three games together this year - and there lies the problem.

"That is no reflection on Jermain or Ian Pearce who has filled in for the last six or seven games, but Defoe is only a young player who will get better as he gets older.

"He has felt the pressure, at times, of being the number one striker for us, but he is very much a secondary striker that needs a Fredi Kanoute in the team - as does Paolo Di Canio.

"It has to be more helpful to them both if a Kanoute is bringing balls down to get the second striker into play.

"There isn't any other Premiership club that is trying to make its way with a central defender that has been brave enough to volunteer.

"What we can't be accused of is not having courage, bravery, and a will to fight."

Welcome to the battle, Lee...