Wanted - Battlers, Not Bottlers

Paul Goddard says that whoever comes to the club during this transfer window is going to have to be prepared to "roll up their sleeves and battle."

"It is important that the players see some fresh faces come in," he says.

"I have seen how hard Glenn is working to do that and it is quite unbelievable because it is so very difficult in our situation - but he is trying manfully.

"For something to happen there is a massive jigsaw and part of that is the financial package of both clubs and the player.

"Obviously Glenn takes the final decision, with advice, as to whether the player is right for us.

"Then it is up to the player as to if he wants to get involved in this situation - there is no point any player coming to this football club and thinking they are going to put their feet under the table for a few months.

"We are now in a battle for the rest of the season - every game.

"Whoever steps into our arena has got to be fully aware of that, so it is a very difficult situation to find yourself in, and find the right people."

Glenn is wary of foreign mercenaries and Paul concurs:

"You are looking for those players that are looking for the challenge of playing in the Premiership and proving to people that they can do it, want to do it, or have done it.

"The money is obviously a factor in some people's motivation but the sort of people we want to bring in, we hope that money is not their motivation - but that they really want to roll their sleeves up for West Ham for the rest of the season.

"It is a little bit of a gamble - every signing is - but a little bit more so in this situation because finances are tight.

"The sort of person you can bring in is limited and the cheque book is not that big; there is not a massively long list of people.

"We still have a fighting chance, but it is going to be tough, and we need everybody firing on all cylinders from now to the end of the season - and that includes Paolo, Fredi, and whoever comes in."

What the new recruits will find, says Paul, is a group of players who are not downcast despite the position in the league.

"There has been a good atmosphere around the place recently and, considering we haven't won, that is fantastic.

"But we do need to start winning some games."