Glenn: Water Disappointment

Glenn Roeder says he is "disappointed" that the Charlton game was called off - but he admits referee Eddie Wolstenholme made the right decision.

"We were ready for the game and expected to play," says Glenn.

"I was given the warning just before we left Upton Park that there was just a slight possibility of the game being in doubt, but, at that stage, the referee was telling us that he thought it would be okay as long as there wasn't any more rain.

"I didn't say anything to the players; I think it was very important to stay positive in terms of looking forward to playing, and I didn't want to put any doubts in players' minds as we travelled across to the Valley.

"But they definitely wanted to play, I'd have liked to have played, but when we got over there, although the rain had eased there was a problem with the pitch.

"If you could have guaranteed no more rain for the rest of the day you would probably have got away with it, but as it started to rain again, just after 2 o'clock, the referee had no alternative and he got it spot on.

"It is very disappointing, though; I remember when I was playing, even though it was a long time ago, that you would get yourself in a frame of mind to be ready to play.

"Games were called off more a few years ago, but it was always a huge disappointment because it is a let-down.

"But the referee had no choice, his hands were tied, and he got it right; we could not have started that game, and certainly had it started it would not have finished.

"Then it would have been an even bigger disappointment and the game would have become a farce - but it is not meant to be a farce, it is meant to be a game of football."

Charlton are one of the form sides in the Premiership, unbeaten in eight, but Glenn says:

"We know Charlton were on a good run but, quite honestly, in games between Charlton and West Ham, once they start it has nothing to do with positions in the league.

"They are very much pride games for us, for both sets of supporters, and I am sure it would have been played in a cup tie atmosphere.

"We have been beaten once in five games but they have been draws and we need wins - we know that.

"But we had no fear going there and we were looking forward to the game."