Gary Bouncing Back

Gary Breen says he is determined to win back the support of the West Ham fans who were less than enthusiastic about his arrival on the field at West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

Gary heard the jeers from some fans but, rather than duck the issue, he admits: "I didn't play particularly well the last time they saw me so I accept it, no problem, get on with it, work hard, and it doesn't affect me at all.

"I just hope now I can get back into their affections, play well, and show them what a good player I am."

Gary got some flak following his previous game, against Manchester United in the FA Cup defeat, and he adds: "Obviously they are disappointed with the 6-0, but not one of those supporters at that game or the ones on Sunday was more disappointed than me.

"But I have got a lot of character, I will come back stronger, and they will see that.

"It was one of those games and unfortunately it was against one of the most ruthless teams in Europe so if you do make a mistake you get punished.

"Other times you might get away with it or whatever, but at the same time I don't take any comfort in that - I acknowledge that a lot of people travelled up on the day and it is disappointing because I know how much it costs and how much it means to the fans.

"To lose 6-0 was demoralising but I will bounce back - that is what it is all about.

"I felt down and dejected after the game because I felt I had let myself down by my usual standards, but I came in Monday and worked as hard as I could to help the lads as much as I could with my experience."

His appearance - albeit as a substitute - on Sunday was acknowledged to have been an important contribution to the win, and Gary adds: "I was lucky enough to come on and play a part on Sunday in what was a great performance, I thought, by the lads.

"There were times when we made mistakes and David made a couple of saves but that is what he is there for. The lads worked their socks off and there was a real 'feel good' factor.

"The fans went home hopefully thinking we showed a lot of character there and believing we can get out of it in the last 10 games.

"We shouldn't be in it, we have got ourselves there, and there is no one else to blame but us.

"From the manager down to the players it is up to us to get out of it now because West Ham are a Premiership team and they don't deserve to be in the first division."

Much was made last week of a supposed argument between himself and Glenn Roeder last week; Glenn said it was merely 'clear the air' talks which did them both good, and Gary himself says: "There are no problems with Glenn at all. I have got my opinions, we had a discussion about something or other, and it was done face to face as always.

"If I have any problems I like to go straight to Glenn to talk about it, as he does to me - and the conversation was concluded there and then in the office.

"I went back out to training, and to be honest, the training was excellent prior to the West Brom game and we have literally been kicking lumps out of each other!

"That is how it is going to be because these last 10 games are not going to be for the faint-hearted."

Quotes attributed to him in international week implied that he was not happy with certain things at club level, but he says: "I don't really want to go into that. What I said was pro-Ireland, it wasn't meant to be negative towards West Ham - but that is done and dusted now and it has got to be put behind us.

"We are stronger for it as a club with what happened in the week up to the game; I think the players have really bonded together now, more so than ever, and it can only bode well.

"I think you could see not just the lads on the pitch cheering when we scored, but all the lads on the bench and in the stands behind.

"It is no one's interests that we lost on Sunday or that we get relegated."

Now Gary is hoping to be involved again at the weekend, and he says: "It will be a great game and I know how much it will mean to the Tottenham fans - it is the one for them, so bring it on."